Farm News

  Hello to everyone returning to our web page in 2018!  We’re gearing up for another season on the farm and have been working hard to bring you the best organic products we can produce and find.

  This year, one word....Bakery!!  We’re working on 

developing new recipes for our wood-fired oven.  We’ll

be offering our artisan seed bread along with a rustic

sour dough French country boule.  We still have our butter

tarts, cookies and pies.  Our pies are made with lots of

organic fruit and are not full of starchy filler.

  We have soups in the works again which are made

with organic ingredients.  Our bakery will be open Wednesday

to Sunday with frozen pies, etc. available all week.                                           Our Farm Market

   Along with our baked goods we’ll also be carrying freshly

picked fruits and vegetables, coffees, teas, soaps, spices and

a variety of local, organic products. 

  We hope you’ll stop in!

  Our strawberry field is now 9 acres and we’re hoping for a great

year!  We’ve planted more apple trees this year and are hoping

for a great crop - it never ends!            

Last fall we made caramel apples which were very well received.                        Wood-Fired Artisan Boule                          

Nothing beats homemade butter caramel!

  Again this year we will be offering frozen

ready to buy naturally raised beef, pork and lamb.

The pasture fed meats are all hormone

and antibiotic free and come in a wide variety

of cuts.


                                                                                                       Some of Our Amazing Strawberries



  Please check back with us on our Crops/Products page for updates on what’s available and when.  Please check our Naturally Raised Meat page for updates on availability. 





**  The farm will be closed until the start of strawberry season. Please call (905) 640 - 5206 for daily crop updates.

Hours:    9am - 6pm weekdays, 9am - 5pm weekends